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The Art of Public Speaking

Public Speaking is an art, be it on the stage or delivering a speech or presenting a seminar to a small or big audience. The speaker should bear few points on mind.
  • Audience :  Do not use flowery language nor very simple. Feel pulse of the audience and then deliver the speech. Let the speech not be bouncer to the audience. 
  • Voice : Voice plays a vital role in presentation. The audience are smart enough to find out if the speaker is confident or not. So let the audience not know even if you are nervous. 
  • Poise and Posture : Dressing style always reflects what the speaker's personality. Be poised in appearance, no over makeup or too decorative with heavy jewelery or not very informal style but be simple but elegant. Let the posture not be with bent shoulders but with head held high and try to put stomach tucked in and chest out. Never stand in a tend at ease position nor your hands in the pockets, never move to and fro or side ways as a pendulum. If there is a rostrum in front of you then don't lean on it no rock with it. 
  • Language : Let the language be with good vocabulary and interesting points. Never use high vocab which doesn't suit the scenario. Always keep language easy to understand. Do not ask any questions to the audience and in case you ask do not wait for answers. 
  • Humour : There is nothing wrong in using humour and making the audience have a lighter moment. This has to be used only if you are comfortable and can make it sound humorous otherwise the humour goes for a toss and you will start regretting for using it and the confidence level just goes down which would be difficult to bring it up again in the next few seconds. So don't experiment. 
  • Eye contact : Do not look away from the audience nor look piercing in the eyes of the audience. Let the eyes travel from one end of the room to the other end. Do not look at the roof, outside the window nor at any one person. This shows that you are avoiding the rest of the audience which might distract the others. 
  • Time :  time is very important and never try to drag the topic nor repeat the points. If any point is forgotten never bring it back just forget it once for all. 
  • Conclusion : The audience should know that the speaker is about to conclude his/her speech. This can be done through the words like ...
In conclusion I would like to say or Lastly I would like to say or the bottom line is etc...
you can end the speech with a joke, quotation, proverb or a poem suitable to the topic. A presentation can be made effective with the tips given above.
At the end of the seminar or presentation if the audience shoots any questions then be patient in answering the questions and don't give rude answers nor ridicule them with your sharp answers.

And at last but not the least don't forget to do "Home work" before delivering public speech. It matters lot, it gives you confidence.

If the do's and don'ts are followed then there is no turning back from a successful public speech.


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