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Effect Of Work On Personality

What is Personality ? 
It's the image of one self and how we cut across others in society. Personality is what we perceive in our mind. What is inside, the thoughts or the conflict inside contributes greatly to our physical appearance too. There is a certain image that we hold of ourselves and that is what is projected outside. If a person in physically attractive then he or she uses it to their advantage to wiggle their way out of an unpleasant situation. Personality therefore is what you are and it's your identity. Sometimes we live in this mirage that we are very successful and therefore tend to live in an unreal world when the situation is quite the opposite.

How do you feel about yourself ?
This is a very important question which needs to be asked frequently. The image that one has of oneself has to be very positive. That is only possible when one loves oneself unconditionally. A positive approach helps to build ones personality in a way which is healthy. Inner conflicts always occur and the negative thoughts always weigh heavily on the positive ones because the goal seems nearer when in fact its not so. There was a time when one of my friend faced with such situation at work. It concerned an email sent by one of those numerous conmen who look for gullible persons to dupe over the net. Well his boss was one of those prospective one.  He decided not to show him that particular email but his junior did so he went ahead and told him the truth that such emails were meant only for trashing but somehow his boss thought that he had deprived him from earning a fast buck. This cost him his job but I feel being honest and true to ourself was more important than saying the things his boss wanted to hear, Ultimately the company folded up too. The moral 'be true and honest to yourself no matter what it takes'.

Does your work enhance your sense of self or does it bring you down ?
This is a question that needs to be asked time and time again. Anything that creates a doubt oneself is not worth pursuing. If as job is a job which just means a paycheck is not worth while. A job should bring out the best in a person. It should enhance self respect and enhance your prowess and professionalism. Definitely ones job should not bring you down in your own eyes. 
Have you thought about how your work might be impacting your health, your relationships and your happiness ?
Work should not be stressful, impinging on your relationships and happiness. Your work determines who you are. Although work maybe the center point of ones life yet it cannot be the very roason for our existence. Work is important but family and friends are too important which gives your the reason to live. Work cannot be the benchmark for success or failure.
Sometimes the work that one does may make a difference in the world at other times it may not but one little act of kindness towards your colleagues may make a difference in the environment we spend quality time. It makes one fell good about oneself.


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