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Puppy Linux : Small Full-fledged OS

Puppy is a small Operating System, a good option for low configurations old computers. It is also a good self bootable rescue software when it directly boot from CD.

It is a version of free distributable Linux OS and fully independent operating system with an advantage having small in size. Full software file size of puppy is around 100 MB. It requires only 250 MB of hard disk space and 64 MB of RAM to run on a system. It comes with good driver support to read your FAT, NTFS partition of system as well as pen drive and other hardwares.

It comes in Graphical User Interface(GUI) which will make you easy to understand and work with. It can be very useful for students and beginner's. It is extremely useful for internet browsing because it works faster and not get affected by internet viruses so you need not to use any anti virus software with it.

Puppy 4.30 version get release on 2009 September earlier virsion 4.2 is also good enough.

Puppy 4.3 desktop

  • Puppy Linux is a full-fledged operating system.
  • full size is 100 MB.
  • require 250 MB of hard disk space and 64 MB of RAM to run on a PC.
  • full driver support for maximum hardware.
  • perfect option to window OS for low configuration old PC's.
  • support read/write for FAT and NTFS file system.
  • Puppy can run directly from RAM memory with its applications suits.
  • fully graphical (GUI) and easy to understand without any technicality.
  • comes with complete office suit, internet support, and multimedia application software.
  • very less booting time (30-40 Sec).
  • free distributable and open source OS.
  • good option for window OS.
  • free from viruses.

Where to get puppy:
As puppy is free distributable version of Linux so you can download free on below links or goto its home page.
ISO version

Home Page                 :  http://puppylinux.org/

Downloads                 :  ftp://ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/puppylinux/

Manual (Eng)            :  http://puppylinux.org/main/index.php?file=Manual-English.htm
Puppy Linux Discussion Forum :  http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/

Using Puppy as Rescue Software:
Puppy CD is a live bootable CD means PC can boot directly from it without taking any support of hard disk. Puppy runs directly from RAM without taking support of hard disk with its full-fledged feature. Now you can easily play with your hard disk partitions and data. This feature is very useful when OS of PC get crashed and you want to take backup or recover your data. [while booting it will ask you some option pointing to default value, select default value every time]

Using Puppy as an optional OS:
After booting Puppy Linux from CD one can install it as an main or optional OS on your system hard disk. In this case Puppy will boot and run with hard disk support. It will run smoothly and will give all the feature which you expect from an OS.

Installing Puppy to system as an optional OS: 
choosing Puppy as an Operating System for old low configuration computers is good idea however it can run on any configurations. Before installing it you have to do some little preparation to your system.

Preparation:  Make minimum three partitions in your hard disk.
  • partition - I     ----  ext3  [file system type ]  ----- : 1 GB  (space)
  • partition - II    ----  linux-swamp   --------------- : Space double to your system RAM ( RAM x 2)
  • partition - III   ----  ext3/fat/ntfs  ----------------- : Left over space or as you require for keeping your file or folder.
  • other partitions --  fat/ntfs     ---------------------  : If you like to go for dual OS.
out of above first two will be used by Puppy rest other you can use as per your choice.

Note:- for creating partitions you can use Puppy CD. Boot PC with your Puppy CD [if ask option while booting, select default value every time] and come to the Desktop. Select Menu => System => GParted partition manager  to manage your hard disk partitions.
There is lots of Partition programs are available in market/net you can use any of them.

Steps to install: Installation step is fully graphical version and self explanatory type. All the related instructions are written on it. One can easily understand while going through it. The below given installation steps are as per Puppy version 4.2 or 4.3.

  1.  boot your PC with Puppy CD desktop will appear
  2. go to Menu ==> Setup(at left lower corner) ==> Puppy universal installer
  3. select Internal (IDE or STA) hard drive [there are other options also, you can select  any one out of that as per your requirement]
  4. select one out of list of hard disk present in system [select the primary one]
  5. select one out of list of partition present on hard disk [select 1 GB ext3 partition out of it for installing the Puppy system files]
  6. confirmation screen will appear select ok
  7. select Puppy installation type FULL out of Frugal / Full
  8. now Puppy file will get copied to hard disk, it will take 5 - 10 min to copy
  9. ask for installation of Boot Loader [for loading linux or any other OS GRUB Loader is necessary]
  10. select Install/update GRUB
  11. confirmation screen for Install/update GRUB will appear now
  12. click INSTALL
  13. confirmation screen click OK
  14. give option 'Simple' or 'expert', select Simple
  15. now screen for Video Adapter card parameter, select Standard here and click OK
  16. select on which partition GRUB should install, click OK at default value appearing
  17. select GRUB destination, select MBR
  18. Grubconfig: ----- leave the box empty & click OK
  19. confirmation for GRUB installed on MBR, click OK
  20. Universal installer confirmation screen to install Grub again, click NO
  21. Reboot your system, take out the Puppy CD, this time boot from hard disk
 For more about installing Puppy goto the Puppy home page.


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