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Delete a site from Google Friend Connect

If you want to delete your unrequited site from the list of Google Friend Connect site list. Simply follow simple steps below.

1.    Log in to your Google friend connect account.

2.    Select a site from the list which you want to delete.

3.    Go to the Settings Page.
       Settings option generally not visible any where on the page. For URL of settings page follow below steps.
          (a)    Click Overview in side panel.
          (b)    Now try to locate “overview” word appearing in address in the Address Bar of your explorer program window.

          (c)    Change it with “settings” leaving rest all as it is.

          (d)    Press Enter.

4.    On Settings page click Advanced.

5.    Scroll to the last of page and click to remove the site.

6.    Type “yes” in the box appearing.

7.    Press Submit.

This will delete single site. Repeat steps for each site to delete.


Martin Kocev said...

Thanks! It was a total mess in my Google friend connect :) it so better now

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