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Essential Tools For Site or Blog Making

Want to make a site or write a blog? or
You own a site or blog and want some fine tuning in its look?
But if you are new and thinking to do something in this field then please read “How to start blog”.

You can take help of these tools for doing fine or major adjustments in site or blog. It creates amazing result and also it is free or cost little. 

1.    Install Mozilla Firefox Browser : It is first thing to do. Mozilla Firefox is a webmaster supportive with most secure features. It is open source free for use.
Download Link:  http://www.mozilla.com/

2.    Install these Add-ons Extension into Mozilla browser : Its add-ons come free.

  •  Firebug : It enable you to look into code of current webpage. Also you can fine tune  html, css or javascript code of current page for temporary view. Code adjustment gives online effect.
  • ColorZilla : It enable you to chose right color code for your web page. It can pick colour code from current page.
There are many other add-ons available to use with Mozilla, but its testing part do it yourself.

3.    KompoZer : It is an open source HTML editor. It is easy to use as well as to install, simply cut and paste into your choice drive and start with clicking Kompozer.exe file. This software will help you in generating quick html and css code for your site.
Download link :  http://kompozer.net/
This you can also do with any other installed HTML editors installed on your system.

4.    Install Photo editing software : Photo’s are essential part of your webpage beautification. So you must have one photo editing software on your system. For this purpose I am using Adobe Photoshop. It will help you in optimizing your image for web page use.
5.   Install Notepad++ : It is somewhat improved version of notepad program available with window os. You might be using word program for preparing write-up, but when you try to copy-paste it into your HTML editor it produce unexpected formatting problem. This  happen due to hidden formatting character present into paragraphs. So first copy-paste it in Notepad++ and then take it into HTML editor. Notepad program remove all formatting characters. It is open source program and available free for use.
Download link : http://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Last but not least is,

6.    Bookmark w3schools.com : This site will give you help support to your HTML, CSS, Javascript and many other web page related language knowledge.

* I am not an expert but it all has tested by me and worked fine.


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