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Images of blog post are not getting visible in Google Feed and reader? Make it visible

Your blog pages contain image but its feed not showing it. Feed looking plane without any image and you have done all possible tuning. Also you looking your blog feed through Google reader, there also post images are not appearing. Then try this remedy: [here i am talking about Google blogger, feed and reader]

1.    Check feed redirection: first you check correct feed redirection from your blog.
Go to blog Setting > Site Feed
Check here
•    Blog Posts Feed – Full
•    Post Feed Redirect URL – it should contain your feed url.
Example: http://feeds.feedburner.com/saypoint in case of this blog. Instead of “saypoint” your blog name here.

2.    Check the feed setting: Go to Google feedburner setting of your site > Optimize > Summary Burner
Check here
•    Deactivate your Summary Burner option if it is activated.

Now go to your site feed url and check image is getting displayed.

3.    Check in reader : now you will find images are redirecting to your reader if you have subscribed or follow your own blog if not then click “Refresh”.

[You can add your blog or site to subscription by “Add a subscription” button in reader and give feed url]

*Your problem of image redirection solve or not please comment to make me know.


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