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List of Google Services for Webmasters

A common man knows Google for its world leading search engine and Gmail service. Apart from this, Google also provides many other useful high quality free services. Out of them many are useful for webmasters.

For new babies in web designing like me, Google has given great opportunity to learn about site building and their coding. Every time I used different services I learn lots out of it. It can be said that Google has put life in web.

As a web master you require many of Google services. A single point where you can find all its services is on “Google Account Page” under this link:

List of Google Services and sequence to proceed

But getting onto account page you must be registered with Google, till now if you are not then it is better to have an account in Gmail first and use your same Id-password with all services.
If you are already an account holder, go to your account page. This page will show only those services which you have used earlier. Here you can try some new one.

1.    Gmail: It is a primary and essential service for exchanging your mails. Also it is well connected with all other Google services. It gives unlimited space for storage with POP/IMAP for mail forwarding.

2.    Blogger: is a blogging service of Google meant for creating blogs. It comes with many types of Gadgets and Templates with Template Designer. It is unique from others in the sense that it permits to access xml code level. Read more>>

3.    Picasa Web Albums: It is online web album where photo and video can be stored for purpose of sharing with family and friends. It also gives picture and video hosting facility with their hosting address link for using into web pages. Read more>>

4.    FeedBurner: It gives facility to burn and host site feed. It is basically feed management tool.

5.    Reader: It is a basically feed reader tool. You can quickly update yourself with your favourite website which is subscribed or followed by you.

6.    Google Friend Connect: It a tool facilitating webmaster to get attached with their visitors. It is gadget easy to integrate with site or blog. It gives facility to add member, gather user interest and send newsletter to joined members. As user point of view it also very useful gadget for getting update of site in Google Reader.

7.    Analytics: It is a powerful tool for studding visitor trends of a site. It gives detail statistic of site visitors in terms of their geographical location, counts, topics, page views, traffic details etc. It gives who and how of visitors, helping webmasters to know their likes and dislikes in enhancing quality of site. It can be said that without these data one webmaster is blind about their visitor.

8.    Webmaster Tools: It is tool for enhance optimization and visibility for site. It is a basic tool which one webmaster should have.

9.    Sites: It is another website making service to blogger of Google. Basic difference between two is, it don’t give access to its code section where as Blogger gives. But it is simple and easy for new babies. It also comes with many readymade templates.

10.    Website Optimizer: It helps webmasters in site testing and optimization.

11.    Docs: It is online storage space for hosting your document like Word, PowerPoint and pdf files etc. for sharing on net with given link. It is useful when you share some document on site for viewers.

12.    AdSense: It gives you opportunity to earn from your website or blog. Get participate into, Google will display ads from different advertisers on your site, in return you will get your share from ads revenue.

Main beauty of these services is that all are free and well integrated with each other.


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