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Make image Compact, Optimized and Compatible to your web page

Bigger file takes more time to upload and download on net, time depends on connection speed. For low speed connection, this time factor becomes more crucial and many times it takes minutes to hours to complete. Image files are bigger in size than text. File size depends on image size(width x height) and its resolution.
To reduce upload and download time for image its size must be reduced, but in other side this will affect quality which is not acceptable. So to make the balance between size and quality optimization is required.

There are many image formats are being use on web page. Out of them most used format are:
  • Gif          : Graphics Interchange Format – Largely used for animated cartoon.
  • Png        : Portable Network Graphics – Quality better than gif
  • Jpg /Jpeg    : Joint Photographic Experts Group –Highly compressed, best for image distribution
  • Bmp        : BMP files are uncompressed, hence they are large
  • Tif        : Tagged Image File Format.
Gif , Png and Jpg is well supported by internet. Better to put image format Jpg (if it is not an animated one).
For making image optimizing to website standard I believe on “Adobe Photoshop” image editing software. You may use some other, the aim of this topic is important.

Optimizing image easily in three steps with Adobe Photoshop:
Open image in Photoshop -
1.    Label adjustment : adjust image contrast and brightness here for clearity.
 Go to Image menu > Adjustments > Lavels  or press Ctrl + L

2.    Adjust Image Size: big image may look small and vice-versa. it is important to reduce unnecessary hugeness from image. For this first check its exact size and if required adjust. [hint: width<8 inch and height<5 inch is enough]
Go to Image menu > image size

3.    Save for web : now after completing little tuning, its time to save file.
Go to File menu > Save for Web 
Give here required image format with quality[normally jpg, png and gif]. For use with web page high quality images generally not required, but there may be many places where it is appreciated.

*This is one way what I know. If somebody know some other, let me please.


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