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Default Administrator Password of Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7 OS

Default Administrator Password of Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7

On every windows Xp system there is an  inbuilt default administrator other than local administrator. Default administrator comes into picture at the time of installation/repair or upgrading OS.

Many situation may appear when system ask for default admin or user admin password and it is not known or lost by user. In that situation a question may aeries that "Is there is any default administrator password which can work every time ?". The answer is no, there is no such password given by Microsoft to avoid any security breach.

Default administrator and user administrator of your system may or may not  contain password, its depends on password supplied at the time of OS installation and user creation. Most of the time as a normal user system, we don't gives any password(blank means no password) for the easiness of handling. If that is the case then when ever admin password is ask you can simply press enter to proceed. But if there is any existing password for that account then there is no chance other than using hit & trial method.

Getting one admin password through any way can result in retrieval of other users or admin password by resetting. For this you have to login as an admin.

What if don't know administrator password?
If you don't able to remember any of the administrator password of your system then there is only way to reset password is by taking help of some other third party software.
There are lots of third party freeware software on net to crack admin password of windows OS and after that you can set new password for that account.

(Remember it is illegal to use password cracking third party software on Windows OS)

How to reset/change admin or user password?
How to activate/deactivate admin or user account?


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