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PC Hang-up Before Booting

If your Desktop or laptop hangs up, and after taking long period also it doesn't recovers.
If this is the case then to find out fault, first you ensure when exactly it hangs up:
  • Before OS booting starts - this tutorial is for this fault.
  • After OS booting starts -    Click to read >>

Problem :
  • Desktop or Laptop hang-up before booting.
  • Boot screen appears and taking long time to go into next stage(or not moving further).
  • Not going into Bios Setup. (after pressing <del> key)
  • Not going into Boot Opting Menu. (after pressing <F12> key)
  • No beep sound coming
Bios Check Screen
Booting Screen

(*Note: Symptom and function key may differ as per motherboard model)
Suspected Fault :   Hard disk faulty.

Remedial Action :
  • Remove Hard disk from pc.  Read the how to remove HDD >>
  • After removal of HDD, switch on power supply and start the system.
  • Boot screen should go normal and also it should enter in Bios Setup (after pressing <del> key), then fault Hard Disk faulty is confirmed.
  • Now shake the faulty hard disk drive clicking sound may be appearing. (may or may not happen) - you can go for repair faulty HDD, but repaired one is not so trustworthy for storing your important documents. So better to replace it.
Note: if OS loading also not working on problem then check HDD for any bad sector that might occurred.


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