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Google Innovation Project Loon

Internet is a necessity and it is better understood by Internet giant Google. Despite of technological advancement in IT and Communication field around the world, many part of under developed countries are remains out of reach to this facility. 

Google engineers are working towards the new advancement and expansion of internet since last one decade. Many innovative ideas and project has launched by Google in this regard. Now Google has launched its secret Pilot Project called “Project Loon” in Jun 2013 aimed to provide internet in remote unreachable population around world. 

As a part of project, a Jellyfish shaped Balloon filled with helium, 15 m tall and 12 m width launched to sky. This giant balloon will fly high to 20 Km (12.5 miles) twice as high as aircrafts fly.  The first balloon is launched near Lake Tekapo, New Zealand on 14 Jun 2013. Around 30 balloons are ready to fly.

Each balloon can provide connectivity with the speed of 3G to a ground area about 40 Km in diameter. It equipped with specialized radio equipment powered by Solar Panels fitted inside balloon. Ground station with the help of special antenna fitted at the top of house roof can receive the radio signals. All balloons are networked with each other in order to provide internet connectivity. Each balloon carry GPS and Tran receiver inside for establish link with the ground control station where Google can keep watch on it. Project Loon is under trial and outcome of this phase will be the input to next phase.


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