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When to install Operating System in PC?

Installing Operating Software (OS) into PC is an important event for computer techs. At some situations OS installation is requirement but in many it is also a problem solving measures. 

OS installation is somehow complex procedure that to application software and drivers installation. It takes long time to install and configure up to satisfactory level. Failure in proper OS installation and thereafter its configuration creates very undesirable situation for user. So as per as possible it is better to avoid those situations which results in need for OS installation.

Here are some known situations when OS needs to install: 
  • In band new PCs which comes without any OS or OS other than user requirement.
  • When Software/Hardware up gradation is needed.
  • OS change for user change of test and satisfaction.
  • Due to result of software crashes/unusual behavior.
  • Due to Virus attack.
  • Education purposes.
  • To meet any specific requirement.
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