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Things to remember before loading OS into PC

Operating System (OS) installation in PC requires good amount of expertise on hardware and software. Many occasion comes when loading of new OS into PC become necessity, some of them are read here >>

What ever be the reason but if you decided to install OS into PC whether it is new installation, re-installation after format or Up-gradation, these few things are important to keep in mind before starting OS installation into PC.
  • Backup:     Take backup of important document, Photo and Video or HDD partition etc of system before doing this operation. 
  • Store Backup:    It is better take backup in external media (CD, Pen Drive, External HDD etc) instead other partition of same HDD to avoid any data loss in accidental formatting.
  • Mark partition(in multi-partition HDD):    One basic partition required to be formatted during OS loading. Partition marking makes easy to target that partition during format process. This protects other partition from being formatted by mistake (if entire HDD required format is not the case as required in virus attack).  For marking partition in window OS goto My Computer > Manage and rename the required partition, that will help in distinguishing it.
  • Drivers Backup:   Ensure Mother Board Driver software ready (as per OS version) before going for OS loading. Normally a bunch of basic Drivers comes with OS itself, but if some special internal/external hardware is connected to system then its driver require separately. Ensure availability of atleast these drivers - Audio, Display and LAN Card driver.
  • Software Backup: List the application software installed before OS loading to have a check list to load applications after OS installation and also make ready installable of these application software. Atleast some basic application installable file must be ready before operation starts e.g Office, Zip/Rar, PDF Reader, Antivirus ect.
  • Operating System(OS) Software with key:   It's important to decide what operating system to load and available to you with its KEY in well readable form without any ambiguity. It may be in CD, DVD, Pen Drive, External HDD or in some other media, but must be in self bootable format. First check it by booting system with it, to ensure its serviceability before start doing above operations.
  • Correct OS loading procedure:   Before start OS loading read its correct procedure given in installation guide. Be confident about what you do. Loading procedure changes between different OS and their versions. Correct loading procedure may be obtained from the software release note. 
  • Hardware requirement:  It is important to know about hardware requirement of OS. Correct hardware configuration ensures smooth installation and execution of OS.
  • UPS:  Before start OS loading, ensure proper Uninterrupted Power Supply for system to avoid interruption in between. While OS loading power failure may lead to hardware failure.
  • Time:   OS loading in PC requires at least 3 – 4 hrs of time and once started cannot stopped in between.
  • Register:   At last after finishing OS loading don't forget to register your version through internet.
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