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Facebook Account Logging Problem

Some extra precautions is taken by Facebook to prevent user account from hacking. But many time it’s become a problem for user itself.

Facebook account login problem may occur due to:
  • Logging from different machine.
  • Logging successively with different password.
  • Logging from different country/places.
  • Logging from proxy network: it happens when you try to login through another website or server page.
To avoid being loosing account due to login restrict by Facebook:
  • Update account setting section: garbage value can make account difficult to retrieve.
  • Update your linked email and phone number at account setting: to retrieve password through reset.

Your account is temporarily locked.
Someone recently tried to log into your account from an unrecognized device or location. Please verify if it was you who tried to log in.

Please confirm your identity
Please choose one of the following methods to confirm your identity:
  • Provide your birthday
  • Identify photos of friends
Or, try logging into Facebook from a device you've logged in with before.

To get out of above problem you have to do any of below to retrieve your Facebook account:
  • Provide your birthday: it could be an easy recovery option if related field in your account setting not containing any garbage value.
  • Identify photos of friends: this option could be little bit difficult if person in your friend list is not much closer to you.
[Account password reset is not the solution here. So you have to do one of above.]

Facebook account password reset : You can request for a new password by clicking the Forgot your password? link on the Facebook login page. Facebook will provide you a reset link in the mailbox.

For more help go to:
Facebook > Help Center [ https://www.facebook.com/help ].
And then Get Started on Facebook > Logging In
Or alternatively go on link: http://www.facebook.com/help/418876994823287


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