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PC Hang-up After Start Booting

If your Desktop or laptop hanging up and after taking long time also it is not recovering. To find out fault, first ensure when exactly it hangs up:
  • Before OS booting start  - Click to read >>
  • After OS booting starts and get hang up before it reach desktop (in some case on desktop) -  this tutorial is for this fault.
  • Desktop or Laptop hang-up during or after boot up (although bios check seems to goes normal).
  • OS loading hang-up in between or taking long time.
  • OS Repair screen repeatedly coming during OS loading (in some versions only).
  • Although starting boot screen goes normal but not reaching up to desktop.
  • Reaching desktop but further get hags.
Boot Screen

OS Repair Option Screen
Suspected Fault:   Some part or full OS may get corrupt.

Remedial Action:
  • When OS corrupt, problem increases many fold as system not respond to user.
  • Some OS may give provision for repair option or some software linger may advice removal or editing in driver or some software part. But practically these option may not work or it kills big time and after that also result gets zero.
  • The best way to tackle these situation is to load new OS in system. But remember, always keep the things ready before you thinks for new loading.
Note: if OS loading also not working on problem then check HDD for any bad sector that might occurred.


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