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Working with Softaculous

An auto script installer for web servers which includes more than 400 web applications (free or paid) ready to install for web development. These web applications are simple to understand and also it does not expect intense software knowledge from user to work upon. It can give you complete joy of web development without getting into complex coding procedures. There are both free and paid scripts which can be installed and tested as per user requirements.

Softaculous found integrated on many Web Hosting Control Panels i.e. cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, H-Sphere, ISP System and Interworx. For developers to work on virtual Web Host scenario, it comes with different package for AMP (Apache, MySql, PHP) like XAMPP and WAMP packages.

Accessing Softaculous:
  1. If you are on web hosting server and using cPanel
    • Goto cPanel Control Panel => SOFTWRE section and find Softaculous Apps Installer. Click to get into Softaculous control panel.
    (If you not find the required icon, means Softaculous in not integrated in your web hosting package. Please contact to your hosting provider)
    • Select the required script based on website type and requirement. In Softaculous Control Panel scripts are arranged in bunches base on their nature and types. Also a short description and rating are available for each script which help user in selecting right script.

  2. If you are working on virtual web hosting package like XAMPP

    • First ensure Softaculous is installed.
    • Start the XAMPP server.
    • Now open any browser and type " localhost/softaculous " or "" in address bar. Softaculous control panel page appears. Rest of the steps are similar to para 1.


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