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Aptana Studio installation error - Failed to correctly acquire installer_nodejs_windows.msi file: CRC error

Nodejs package is required by Aptana Studio for installation. If anything goes wrong with the package returns the error.

One of the methods to get rid of this error is go for downloading and installing the correct package of nodejs from its official site before installing Aptana Studio. Otherwise go for the below method.

Aptana Studio3 as stand alone:  Aptana Studio 3 package can also be used without installation on pc like stand alone software. In this method does not require any nodejs installation. Simply you have to extract the installable exe file into folder. Follow the steps:
  • GoTo command prompt (goto: run and type cmd).
  • Navigate  through the directory to the downloaded exe file.
  • Enter the command:  Aptana_Studio_3_Setup_3.6.1.exe /extract:"folder"
  • Package get extracted into folder. Rename it and open the folder.
  • Double click on AptanaStudio3.exe
  • Enter the location for workspace. 
File after the extraction
Enter the workspace path

Download latest version of Aptana Studio3  from - https://github.com/aptana/studio3/releases
Download nodejs from -  https://nodejs.org/en/download/


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