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About Us

A non-profitable noble Society aimed on social services since Feb 2009.

We are with the faith - God is ultimate source of energy and a human life is most precious thing on earth. Problems are a part of life for everyone but being a social animal we must extend our helping hands to all those who need it. The Society has always looked forward to assist people in difficulties, and it’s our pleasure that small assistance helped them to overcome it.

We also have a small team to manage SayPoint site resource. Team has an objective to extend hands of help to the mass through innovations and knowledge. SayPoint shares many important and useful stuff on various topics.

We are thankful to all those viewers who not only shown their interest but also joined us to share their stuffs in mass thought sending their write-up. Our email id to share stuff is infosaypoint@gmail.com.

We prefer to contact with email. Our email:    infosaypoint@gmail.com
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